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Month: August 2017

Giving Tree Snacks review.

Hello everyone, today’s post is all about these giving tree snacks. I first discovered these snacks about a year ago, I was visiting Manchester and I became really hungry that I decided to go and venture for a well needed snack. Of course my stomach being ultra sensitive I couldn’t just pop to a shop and grab anything, so I headed to Holland And Barrett’s where I scoured the shelves looking for something delicious that accommodates my dietary needs. Even in a shop that sells health foods and free from foods my choices are always quite limited, so after checking the backs of multiple different packets I reached for a bag of giving tree broccoli “crisps”.  They sound really strange don’t they? and this was going to go either one of two ways, either they were going to be absolutely terrible and I was going to regret buying them or they were going to be the best thing i’d ever discovered.


I’ve tried various different types of root vegetable crisps in the past and I’ve always really liked them but I was questioning how they would be able to turn broccoli into crisps. Never the less I decided to try them. Now before I continue I’d like to state that they were pricey at £2 for a 18g bag, you don’t get a huge amount in there. However I definitely needed to eat and it seemed like the better option for me.

When I opened the bag I was presented with actual broccoli florets but they were small and crispy with a sort of crumbly layer that covered them. Definitely not like root vegetable crisps at all. They looked exactly as they describe on the packet dehydrated broccoli florets with rice bran covering them. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting when I took my first bite, but my goodness they were absolutely delicious! packed with broccoli flavour and really crispy. They crunch in your mouth just like normal crisps would but they’re not greasy or oily. They have such a big blast of flavour which I found really surprising as there’s no added salt or flavourings other than the rice bran. This makes them the perfect healthy snack! I passed one to Ali my partner who is really dubious of a lot of the food I try and eat, but much to his surprise he also really liked them! I couldn’t help thinking how wonderful they would taste crumbled up on top of a pasta dish or salad to add a little crunch to the dishes. ( I have since tried this and can confirm they are absolutely wonderful on top of both,  but particularly favoured over pasta)

(they’re also perfect for a healthy snack)

I was really keen after I had tried these to see if there were any others and over the past year I was also able to pick up a few other flavours; Strawberry, mango and pumpkin.
Mango and strawberry were absolutely incredible. The strawberry feel like you’re eating sweeties, which means they’re perfect if you’re like me and like a sweet snack. They come in the perfect size too, they remind me of those strawberry squishy foam sweets that you get, only these are better because they’re the real thing. (and actually they’re not squishy at all, they just look a little like them, hehe) They’re packed full of flavour and really fruity and sweet.

The mango slices are also among my favourites. Imagine the texture of skips and how they melt in your mouth but with the flavour of Mango. I love biting into these and sucking until they’ve dissolved into a lovely fruity mango burst, or dipping them into my favourite coconut yogurt and enjoying them together.

I’m not sure about you guys but being a creepy cute kinda girl I always look forward to halloween for all the pumpkin related yummies. Pumpkin curry, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin my life up! so when I saw their pumpkin crisps I was really excited. With how high I regard the other flavours these fell slightly flat for me. Pumpkin isn’t the most flavour-some of vegetables despite being one of my favourite autumnal flavours and I felt that with the punch of flavour that you get from the others these didn’t quite hit my taste buds the same way. I would recommend trying these though, if you’re looking for a more subtle flavour or perhaps to add on top of your favourite autumn soup.

It had been quite awhile since I had last tried these wonderful snacks but this month I wanted to come up with some zesty flavoured cupcakes (be sure to check out the recipe which is coming next week!) I decided to check out their online store, at just £1.75 a bag it works out much cheaper than buying from Holland And Barrett’s (although they currently have an online sale for mango and peach flavour at £1.50 but normal price is £2 a bag) I decided to buy a box full with a new flavour that I hadn’t tried (peach). With lots of recipes in mind and lots of cupcake and cheese cake flavours whirling round my head I was super excited to receive them all.

In evaluation I absolutely love these products, Pumpkin fell short for me but every other flavour I’ve tried have been exquisite. I highly recommend trying these. You can buy them from various places such as Whole foods, Holland and Barrett’s or you can even do a cheeky order online to get the best price possible! and here’s hoping they bring out a cherry flavour! what flavours would you like to see? leave me a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get updates on recipes, blog posts and much much more!


July 2017 Favourites

Hey guys so I know i’m quite a bit late to my monthly favourites, but better late than never? as the saying goes 😀

July was such a fun and busy month for me, I had Hyper Japan and I was also really busy coming up with new flavours and recipes for doughnuts and cakes.

Over the month I purchased a few things that I thought I’d share with you all, I’ll list shops and links below too so if you want to purchase the items you can! My favourite products are in no way endorsed or sponsored by the brands, I just love these products and wanted to share them.

So lets start with my one and only favourite food item this month. As some of you may know if you’ve read my recipes page, I am vegan and my favourite alternative milks, are Almond, rice and coconut milk. So when I discovered this amazing Almond and coconut milk I was freaking out, not to mention that my very sensitive stomach and gut can’t handle a lot of brands milks because they put thickening ingredients in such as carrageenan, Pip and Nut is my favourite almond butter brand, I especially love their almond and coconut butter!
When I was in Sainsbury’s I noticed they had released three different types of almond milk; Almond, Almond and coconut and Almond and honey. The Almond and coconut screamed out at me! I was definitely drawn in by the ingredients list, there’s no extra nasties in there, no added sugar and everything is very tummy friendly!
It is slightly more on the pricey side than other almond and coconut milks out there, costing £2 instead of the others costing £1.50, however you’re definitely paying for quality in this product. Despite it being thinner texture, it’s really creamy and so full of flavour! I’ve been adding it into my smoothies in the morning to add extra flavour and it’s become my favourite milk! I did take a look online and found some stores selling it for a lot cheaper than Sainsbury’s were, so I think i’m going to do an online order and bulk buy! it’s definitely worth looking around.





So moving on to non food related items. I found this beautiful plush, soft faux fur pink bunny bag in Claire’s accessories….have you ever been in love with a bag? because honestly I think I might be. This bag is so perfectly me, that I squealed when I saw it. It’s incredible soft but is also water proof on the inside.
I’d recently been looking for a bag as my gorgeous Care Bears large plush bag from Iron fist clothing had recently deceased. I loved the size of the iron fist bag, it was perfect for food shopping to put my groceries in, whilst maintaining my kawaii aesthetic. This plush bag despite being adorable is practical too as it’s a large rucksack and so perfect for grocery shopping. This makes it both adorable and practical and was a must have!
I bought this bag for £25 in the Claire’s sale, but I know that the RRP is £35. Keep an eye out for sales though, as it may go in there again!




These gorgeous buys were a purchase from Hyper Japan, on the Roxie Sweetheart stall. I love Roxie sweetheart and I already have a lot of her hair pieces, jewelry and clothing. Every time Hyper Japan comes round I always look forward to seeing what new pieces she has and have already been eyeing up some pieces online prior to the event. Her statement bows have been on my want list for a good long while, but when she released the holographic range I knew now was the time to invest. Of course being obsessed with chokers I couldn’t leave the matching choker behind! they’re a match made in holographic kawaii heaven and I’m incredibly happy with my purchases! The quality as always is above and beyond, and they really finish off each outfit I’ve worn them with. (see Brighton pride blog entry for my first look with the bow)
the bow costs £18 and the choker costs £16.


Roxie Sweetheart 

Another purchase from Hyper Japan was this adorable Cinnamon roll note book. I am obsessed with note books (what girl isn’t right?) there’s something about writing lists in perfectly cute note books that makes me feel really pleased with myself and feel really accomplished even if it’s just a shopping list. The official Sanrio and artbox collab was absolutely perfect they had so many adorable things to pick from, but nothing seemed more perfect than this note book. The front cover is slightly embossed with the little cinnamon roll scenes, and it feels really luxurious under your fingers. On the inside the pages have lots of lines and little kawaii pictures, perfect for writing all your secrets down into. This note book cost £5 from Artbox.



another Cinnamon roll item from Artbox at Hyper Japan. This wasn’t a purchase I made, but a purchase my partner bought for me. I was having cuddles with this cutie around the shop but decided not to get it, but as a surprise my partner grabbed him for me. He is the softest plush I own and is the perfect squish for cuddling. I adore his little blush cheeks, I think it adds an extra Kawaii essence to this already adorable plush. I’m so glad that I have him to cuddle, he’s perfect if you feel sad and need some cheering up! If you want to grab one check the Artbox link above. I believe that Cinnamon roll cost £30.

An item not from Hyper Japan is this wonderful sports bra. I had several other sports bras that I’d bought from places like sports direct, I’d never really thought about the quality of them, but would get irritated at the fit on them.
I needed some new work out tops, so I headed into HnM to have a browse, whilst I was browsing I came across this white sports bra. It has “take time” written on it, which I thought was a really cute sentiment, it wasn’t until I started feeling the bra itself that I decided it had to be mine. This sports bra is like a the comfiest cuddle your boobs have ever had. The fabric is so soft when i got it home I put it on and refused to take it off. The HnM gods have blessed our boobs ladies! and what’s better still is that at the gym it still feels wonderful! the straps are really comfortable and adjustable so you can get them into place, your boobs are being cuddled by what feels like angel wings, soft but not suffocating, breathable yet in tact. I would highly recommend heading to your local HnM and looking at their sports wear section, I threw away most of my other sports bras and will be buying a couple more from HnM. I do not remember the exact cost of my sports bra but I believe it cost £16.



Browsing Asda last month in the home section I came across this super cute CareBears mug, I love that it’s vintage carebears and true to the 80’s. the picture all the way round is really gorgeous and is true to original carebears through and through. This has become my favourite cup to have my mint tea in, it’s the perfect thickness around the outside where you place your mouth, and it feels so smooth and lovely. Best of all this mug cost Just £3 from Asda.



Lastly for my July favourites; I just had to have this gorgeous kitsch wipe proof tablecloth, It’s going to be perfect when I host my cake picnics or tea parties. I love the beautiful desserts that are pictured, I can’t wait to show my own cakes off on it! I also bought the matching glass chopping board too, they’re both a match made in heaven and were a complete bargain too! Both were from Asda home section. The tablecloth cost £6 only and the glass board cost £4, be sure to grab yours soon before they sell out!




That’s all for my July favourites, I hope that you liked it all! let me know below if you go out and grab any of these bits, and let me know your favourites for July too. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates you can do that by filling in your email at the side! <3





Brighton Pride is one of the biggest events in Brighton. Every summer when pride comes around the whole city wakes up and joins together to have one of the biggest celebratory Pride parties in the uk.

*fun fact* Brighton is the unofficial Gay Captial of the UK.


(drag queen Fuchsia Von Steel walking in Brighton Pride parade.)

Brighton Pride means different things to different people, but for me it’s the acknowledgement that love is love, regardless of whom you are. It’s a chance for people who have struggled with their identities and sexuality to be surrounded by like minded people and for everyone to come together and celebrate all the hardships that they’ve had to over come in society and just know that we are all accepted.

whether you’re gay, straight, queer, bi, pansexual, transgender or anyone in between acceptance of everyone is something that is worth fighting for and it’s wonderful to live in a country where this is so readily accepted.


This is the second time I have attended Brighton Pride despite having lived in Brighton for nearly 6 years. Previous years I had found the over whelming crowds of people and hustle and bustle in the streets to be too overwhelming, but as I live fairly central I have the wonderful reassurance of being able to pop home to the comforts of my own home and have some restpite if needed. That in mind this year was the first year I was able to watch Brighton parade, something that had been on my Brighton bucket list for awhile, every year I had always had the intention to watch it, but as the crowds start drawing in the over all fear of people being all around me and needing to escape would become too overwhelming. This year I started the day off leaving about 11.30am to go and meet up with some of my friends, we watched the parade quite near to Preston Park which is where the main Pride event partakes. I was so excited to be watching my first parade and it definitely didn’t disappoint, the atmosphere felt incredibly warming, everyone so over joyed and big smiles were all around, everyone in the crowd and in the parade alike were dressed up, rainbow flags were hung everywhere, cheesy music playing and lots and lots of dancing and singing. It felt so wonderful to see how everyone expressed themselves, and seeing people of all ages together in unity.


(I love this photo it perfectly sums up the beautiful atmostphere)



Of course there’s a lot more to pride than just the parade, in fact there are so many things to do at pride that it’s hard to know what to choose to do. I was doing pride on a budget this year and managed to spend only about £10, which included my fries for dinner. Pride on a budget is a lot easier than you could imagine, Of course the parade is free to watch and it’s even free to march too if you’re happy with walking the journey. So whether you want to be an active participant or watch and show love and support from the sidelines, it’s an absolute must! we didn’t really have a set plan of what we wanted to do but there’s so many things to do and see that all you need to do is walk around and see what is on. The whole city becomes alive and so you’re never far from anything interesting.


After the parade we headed back to my house to re-coup our thoughts and then headed out for a late lunch, I was with a group of friends that had never tried a Grubbs burger, so we headed there and then sat down in the sunshine and ate.


(bow is from Roxie Sweetheart, top is from HnM, skirt and sunglasses are from ebay, and faux fur shrug is from Heresy clothing dangling star clip 6%dokidoki, sanrio cinnamon roll socks sanrioXartbox collab, little twin star platforms YRU.)


After eating we went for a wonder around, we found a drum and bass street party that someone had set up from the outside of their house. There were loads of people raving in the streets and people Mc-ing on microphones to the drum and bass DJ, no judgement by anyone just sheer joy, laughing and dancing.


We then headed to the caroline of Brunswick for A bitter sour drag show. I’ve been to a fair few of these events and they never fail to have me creasing up with laughter. Bitter sour is presented by two wonderful drag queens Cherry Fakewell and Count addiction who are sisters like no other; they’re the darkest and tackiest dragtastic duo you’ve ever seen, Cherry fakewell excels in adding slutty yet surprisingly sweet elements to cosplay drag whilst Count addiction is full on dark, dirty and grungey in his theatrical drag.


This Brighton pride marked the 1 year anniversary of bitter sour and they pulled out an extraordinary show! they presented the past, present and future of their sister hood. Show casing incredible drag queens and kings with huge diversity such as Fuchsia Von Steel, Rob from finance, Roxie Cleopatra and loads more. Each of the acts had something really unique about them whether it was their incredible humor, dirty sass, or brilliant mockery towards the media on LGBTQ rights. So if you’re heading to Brighton Pride next year make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible show! you can also catch their shows quarterly through the year so keep your eyes peeled.

(above Fuchsia Von Steel performing at bitter sour)

So as Pride was coming to the end I found myself reflecting back on the day, over all I love pride and what it stands for, I love that I could be with my wonderful friends and all around us there was love everywhere- whether is was between friends sharing cuddles and laughs or between lovers holding hands and kissing, there is no doubt that pride is a time to get together and celebrate our diversities, but it also dawned on me that there are a couple of things that I wish I could change. Every pride the City becomes a huge waste tip as people become more and more drunk they abandon ship and start leaving rubbish every where, smashed bottles and broken glass cover the streets (I even had glass go into my foot this year) Sirens are always close by with police cars racing around and ambulances not far behind them. I know lots of people who do not enjoy pride because it’s become an excuse for people to drink during the day and end up in fights or binge drink and end up in hospital. Is this really what pride is now? an excuse just to have one big expensive party? I was able to do pride on a budget, but when you start looking into the main pride events it can become very commercial and can be very expensive.

Pride is what you make it. Don’t forget the core to what makes pride, don’t forget what the generations before us have had to endure for us to be here celebrating now, don’t forget about the less liberal Countries in the world where it’s not so easily as accepted, drink responsibly but party hard and most of all be considerate to your surroundings and especially to each other!




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