Hello and welcome to my wonderful Kawaii goth world.


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is sarah, and I live in a beautiful seaside town in the UK called Brighton.

I’m passionate about fashion and cruelty free make up. I’m hugely influenced by Kawaii Japanese street fashion in Harajuku as well as goth culture.
My key looks are either colourful, bright and girly or more pastel goth/kawaii goth focused. I adore teaming up girly clothing with stompy platforms, harnesses and bows galore! lets not forget that my look isn’t complete without a splash of glitter, lipstick and those all important false eyelashes too.

I adore going to goth clubs and festivals as well J-fashion related events. Anywhere that I can be creative in my look is where I feel happiest. If you’d like to see more of my looks and modelling check out my look book or instagram.



More often than not you’ll find me in the kitchen baking or cooking! I Love food and I’m a huge foodie with a sweet tooth for delicious cakes.
About 7 years ago I started developing lots of food intolerance’s and this has only grown in size. Everything from dairy, gluten, ginger and citrus fruits to sweeteners and preservatives (and tonnes in between). My food intolerance’s have been growing more and more over the years and I started becoming increasingly frustrated. I’d always loved to cook and bake but the usual flours and ingredients I would normally use were now my worst enemies; in fact it felt like everything I was eating was poisoning me, so I decided to take control back. I started coming up with my own recipes that are suitable for a vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free life style as well as accommodating all my many other intolerance’s and allergies. The more I researched the more I found other people who were in the same position. I started networking with people who were struggling with not just intolerance’s but severe allergies and I wanted to do something to help. Food has always been the key to my heart and I certainly wasn’t going to let it beat me down. I started researching alternative foods and creating recipes from scratch, my passion for cooking and baking was fired and the more I fed my recipes to friends and family with positive feed back the more I felt passionate to continue. I wanted a place that you can find my recipes, a place that I could share my years of research and a place I can give you honest reviews on the ever expanding market of free from foods.

I enjoy hosting themed parties with recipes that I have created, so be sure to check out the events page. I will be blogging about each event after they’ve happened and they’re always a lot of fun! so be sure not to miss out. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for updates on recipes, events, reviews and much much more!