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August Favourites


So it’s the end of a very busy month for me. August has been hectic with Pride, cake commissions, visiting family and health related things. I also properly launched this website in August! So it’s one of those months that’s been a beautiful chaos and as the month draws to an end I like to look back and reflect, not only on the things I’ve bought but also on myself. I like to look at the things that I struggled with and see if there’s something I can do to improve, I like to map out ideas of new cakes that I want to bake and give myself goals and targets. I have a special note book that I write my thoughts and ideas down in and plan for the next month, it helps me feel like i’m going into a new month with a new and fresh mind and ready to start all over again.

And of course I also like to reflect on my favourite things for the month and lets face it that’s why you’re all here. So this month I did a little Primark haul. I love Primark, it’s one of those places that when on a budget you can still pick up some really cute pieces. I especially wanted to pay Primark a visit when I heard about them stocking Pusheen goodies. Pusheen is one of my favourite little characters, Ali and I have a bit of a problem! anything Pusheen and we become the real life emoticon with heart eyes . So when we saw a photo of the Pusheen fleece blankets posted online we had to pop  into our local Primark to see if we had them and of course a few extra bits fell into the basket at the same time.

How adorable is this blanket? I can’t get over how super dooper soft it is. I honestly can’t wait for it to get cold so I can cuddle up in it and drink hot chocolate. The blanket cost just £6! <3 totally worth the money.

They also also had a couple of other pusheen items in our store this month. They had pusheen bedding but unfortunately it was out of stock in king size! and they also had these gorgeous little pusheen socks. These pusheen socks were just £3 for the pack of 3 so a complete bargain <3 and now I can have kawaii feet everywhere I go. One of my guilty pleasures is wearing a super gothy outfit and then wearing some super kawaii socks that completely clash with the aesthetic. sneaky kawaii where ever I go.

Going with the super Kawaii theme they also had tonnes of Disney items in this month. I was so excited to see Marie and beauty and the beast items everywhere. I’m fully preparing myself for winter this year and i’m super excited for it to start getting cooler and dressing up in my cute gear. At the beginning of the year I went through my wardrobe and cleared out a tonne of clothes that I no longer wore or felt “inspired” by. Which means that I now get to replace all of my bits with new things that do inspire me. Jumpers are essential in England as it gets cooler so I was so excited when I saw this Marie cat Jumper. It’s a mushy kind of pink which I really love and the inside is fleece. I have worn it a couple of times already (I’m super bizarre and I get really cold all of the time) and it’s the most snuggly jumper! I’m looking forward to it becoming cooler over the next month so that i’m able to snuggle in it all the time. The jumper cost £8 which made it the most expensive item I bought in this haul.


On the marie snuggly theme I bought these super cute slipper socks. I Love slipper socks. I wear them all the time.  as soon as i’m in the house it’s shoes off, socks off slipper socks on! I buy new ones each year as i tend to wear mine to their deaths ( RIP slipper socks.) so I picked these up in preparation. Ali bought me one pair (because he’s a cutie) and I bought the other. the smaller ones cost £4 and the larger £5.

The last thing I bought from my Primark haul was something that i’d had my eye on for ages, but they seem to disappear off of shelves in a blink of an eye and I’ve never managed to get my hands on one let alone see one in store before. As I was going to pay for my other items I noticed this guy behind the counter. Super excited I asked the cashier to bring one over and how could I refuse?

<3 This little chip cup has caused quite a stir in the disney community. With everyone going totally crazy over getting one and going for extortionate prices on ebay I thought I wouldn’t be able to get one! but I’m glad I held out, I managed to grab my chip for £5 and I absolutely love him!

side note: does it really annoy you when people go to Primark and purchase something for £6, but they’ll bulk buy and then sell it on for double sometimes triple the price to others who weren’t able to get their hands on the item? and probably because they’ve bulk bought it. This is one of my pet peeves. I feel like it ruins it for others! don’t be that person. Hearing horror stories in the media about these cups and how people were going in and buying crates full and they sold out in about half an hour of the shop being open, just so they could go on and sell them for triple the price. People are so greedy and it makes me mad! (end rant)

so that’s the end of my Primark haul. I did buy one other clothing item this month that made it to my favourites. I’ve already worn it a great deal too, as it’s so big and baggy and perfect to slouch around the house in. I was so excited to find out that one of my favourite singers Melanie Martinez was having an online sale of her merchandise. I was eyeing up so many things, her shope is my perfect aesthetic and I found it hard to pick what I wanted, but I decided to go for this hoodie. I actually bought it in a size Large so that I had lots of snuggling room and it would be extra baggy, I think hoodies are super dooper cute when they’re really baggy.  I believe the hoodie cost me £36 with postage in the sale.

The hoodie has “cry baby” written on it. Which as you may know if you like her is the title of her album. The inside of the hoodie is super soft and it’s really warm and just as snuggly as i’d anticipated. The hoodie arrived to me really quickly. I was really impressed. I think it came from somewhere in europe and it arrived to me within the week!

I love discovering new food items and there have definitely been some tasty yummies that I discovered in August.
As I was scouring the shelves in my favourite vegetarian super market Infinity foods for new products, I found these super delicious treats by a brand called Rhythm 108. I’d never heard of this brand before, but as I reached for the coconut cookies to check the ingredients I was excited to discover that they were completely tummy safe. They also had three other flavours; Ginger and lemon, Chocolate and Hazlenut and Almond biscotti. As I can’t eat ginger or lemon I avoided those, but I did grab the other two. Currently I am not able to eat chocolate but as they were on an introductory offer (and quite a bit cheaper) I decided to grab them for when I’m able to in a couple of months time!

When I was home I decided to try two of each biscuit and yum! they are absolutely delicious. I favour the almond ones, they taste like the bottom of a bakewell tart and as I was eating them I was planning amazing cherry bakewell “cheese” cakes and drooling over it! the coconut biscuits are also divine and definitely still make it to my favourites this month. I am coconut obsessed and they’re so crumbly and delicious with a good blast of coconut but not over powering. If you see these babies lying around your health food shop be sure to grab them! they won’t disappoint!

Just a couple of other things made it onto my August favourites. I had recently run out of my regular hemp protein powder and I needed another, so I decided to see if Holland and barrett’s had a large bag, but instead I stumbled across this wonderful Strawberry Hemp protein powder. My tummy is very hit and miss with strawberries. Unfortunately I’m not good with eating the actual fruit itself because of the seeds but strawberry flavoured stuff seem to be okay. So I thought I would buy some and give it a whirl and see how I got on with it. Luckily my tummy seems to be absolutely fine with it and it’s absolutely delicious. With only 5 ingredients it’s the perfect thing for a tasty protein shake. I like making mine with frozen banana and almond milk or adding spinach in. I’m also going to create some delicious vanilla, almond and strawberry protein brownies using this powder.

and lastly for August food favourites whilst visiting my family in Cheltenham at the beginning of the month, I went looking for snacks. Often I’ll head to the kids/baby section (I know this sounds ridiculous but stay with me!) a lot of childrens snacks are organic and made with no nasty preservatives or extra ingredients that are harsh for tummies. There’s a wonderful range by a brand called Kiddylicious that are suitable for 12months- adults. They do a lot of gluten free and dairy free (often vegan) food items that are really delicious without any nasty preservatives in there and this month I discovered these wonderful flapjack style slices. I bought banana and carrot. Both were delicious but for me the carrot deserved a place on my favourites! The carrot slices tasted just like an oaty carrot cake! so yummy! and no added sugar they are sweetened with apple juice instead! perfect for a healthy snack!

So what else has been my favourite this month? Although this isn’t a new anime I discovered it this month so it needs to be put in here. Welcome to the NHK, an anime about a guy with agoraphobia trying to break out of his comfort zone and the people that he encounters. It looks back over his life giving you a good back story to how he became the way he is, whilst also keeping in the present and showing the obstacles he has to over come. he has an almost his child like mind and seeing the world from fresh naive eyes. I love how they’ve captured the serious elements to someone suffering with agoraphobia (like myself) and added a humorous twist. Definitely worth a watch if you’re able to find it!

My last honorable mention this month is that I rediscovered my love for Kate Nash. She’s recently released two songs: Agenda and Good summer. Both sound very different but I love them both equally. I know that her music isn’t the stereo type of goth/alt music, but as you’ll see in a future post coming soon, I definitely don’t hold myself to one type of music…variety is the spice of life!

so that’s a rap for my August favourites <3 I hope that you enjoyed seeing them all! if you go out and try any of these bits comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear about your favourites too so don’t forget to tell me yours! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get regular updates and never miss out on what i’m up to <3




July 2017 Favourites

Hey guys so I know i’m quite a bit late to my monthly favourites, but better late than never? as the saying goes 😀

July was such a fun and busy month for me, I had Hyper Japan and I was also really busy coming up with new flavours and recipes for doughnuts and cakes.

Over the month I purchased a few things that I thought I’d share with you all, I’ll list shops and links below too so if you want to purchase the items you can! My favourite products are in no way endorsed or sponsored by the brands, I just love these products and wanted to share them.

So lets start with my one and only favourite food item this month. As some of you may know if you’ve read my recipes page, I am vegan and my favourite alternative milks, are Almond, rice and coconut milk. So when I discovered this amazing Almond and coconut milk I was freaking out, not to mention that my very sensitive stomach and gut can’t handle a lot of brands milks because they put thickening ingredients in such as carrageenan, Pip and Nut is my favourite almond butter brand, I especially love their almond and coconut butter!
When I was in Sainsbury’s I noticed they had released three different types of almond milk; Almond, Almond and coconut and Almond and honey. The Almond and coconut screamed out at me! I was definitely drawn in by the ingredients list, there’s no extra nasties in there, no added sugar and everything is very tummy friendly!
It is slightly more on the pricey side than other almond and coconut milks out there, costing £2 instead of the others costing £1.50, however you’re definitely paying for quality in this product. Despite it being thinner texture, it’s really creamy and so full of flavour! I’ve been adding it into my smoothies in the morning to add extra flavour and it’s become my favourite milk! I did take a look online and found some stores selling it for a lot cheaper than Sainsbury’s were, so I think i’m going to do an online order and bulk buy! it’s definitely worth looking around.





So moving on to non food related items. I found this beautiful plush, soft faux fur pink bunny bag in Claire’s accessories….have you ever been in love with a bag? because honestly I think I might be. This bag is so perfectly me, that I squealed when I saw it. It’s incredible soft but is also water proof on the inside.
I’d recently been looking for a bag as my gorgeous Care Bears large plush bag from Iron fist clothing had recently deceased. I loved the size of the iron fist bag, it was perfect for food shopping to put my groceries in, whilst maintaining my kawaii aesthetic. This plush bag despite being adorable is practical too as it’s a large rucksack and so perfect for grocery shopping. This makes it both adorable and practical and was a must have!
I bought this bag for £25 in the Claire’s sale, but I know that the RRP is £35. Keep an eye out for sales though, as it may go in there again!




These gorgeous buys were a purchase from Hyper Japan, on the Roxie Sweetheart stall. I love Roxie sweetheart and I already have a lot of her hair pieces, jewelry and clothing. Every time Hyper Japan comes round I always look forward to seeing what new pieces she has and have already been eyeing up some pieces online prior to the event. Her statement bows have been on my want list for a good long while, but when she released the holographic range I knew now was the time to invest. Of course being obsessed with chokers I couldn’t leave the matching choker behind! they’re a match made in holographic kawaii heaven and I’m incredibly happy with my purchases! The quality as always is above and beyond, and they really finish off each outfit I’ve worn them with. (see Brighton pride blog entry for my first look with the bow)
the bow costs £18 and the choker costs £16.


Roxie Sweetheart 

Another purchase from Hyper Japan was this adorable Cinnamon roll note book. I am obsessed with note books (what girl isn’t right?) there’s something about writing lists in perfectly cute note books that makes me feel really pleased with myself and feel really accomplished even if it’s just a shopping list. The official Sanrio and artbox collab was absolutely perfect they had so many adorable things to pick from, but nothing seemed more perfect than this note book. The front cover is slightly embossed with the little cinnamon roll scenes, and it feels really luxurious under your fingers. On the inside the pages have lots of lines and little kawaii pictures, perfect for writing all your secrets down into. This note book cost £5 from Artbox.



another Cinnamon roll item from Artbox at Hyper Japan. This wasn’t a purchase I made, but a purchase my partner bought for me. I was having cuddles with this cutie around the shop but decided not to get it, but as a surprise my partner grabbed him for me. He is the softest plush I own and is the perfect squish for cuddling. I adore his little blush cheeks, I think it adds an extra Kawaii essence to this already adorable plush. I’m so glad that I have him to cuddle, he’s perfect if you feel sad and need some cheering up! If you want to grab one check the Artbox link above. I believe that Cinnamon roll cost £30.

An item not from Hyper Japan is this wonderful sports bra. I had several other sports bras that I’d bought from places like sports direct, I’d never really thought about the quality of them, but would get irritated at the fit on them.
I needed some new work out tops, so I headed into HnM to have a browse, whilst I was browsing I came across this white sports bra. It has “take time” written on it, which I thought was a really cute sentiment, it wasn’t until I started feeling the bra itself that I decided it had to be mine. This sports bra is like a the comfiest cuddle your boobs have ever had. The fabric is so soft when i got it home I put it on and refused to take it off. The HnM gods have blessed our boobs ladies! and what’s better still is that at the gym it still feels wonderful! the straps are really comfortable and adjustable so you can get them into place, your boobs are being cuddled by what feels like angel wings, soft but not suffocating, breathable yet in tact. I would highly recommend heading to your local HnM and looking at their sports wear section, I threw away most of my other sports bras and will be buying a couple more from HnM. I do not remember the exact cost of my sports bra but I believe it cost £16.



Browsing Asda last month in the home section I came across this super cute CareBears mug, I love that it’s vintage carebears and true to the 80’s. the picture all the way round is really gorgeous and is true to original carebears through and through. This has become my favourite cup to have my mint tea in, it’s the perfect thickness around the outside where you place your mouth, and it feels so smooth and lovely. Best of all this mug cost Just £3 from Asda.



Lastly for my July favourites; I just had to have this gorgeous kitsch wipe proof tablecloth, It’s going to be perfect when I host my cake picnics or tea parties. I love the beautiful desserts that are pictured, I can’t wait to show my own cakes off on it! I also bought the matching glass chopping board too, they’re both a match made in heaven and were a complete bargain too! Both were from Asda home section. The tablecloth cost £6 only and the glass board cost £4, be sure to grab yours soon before they sell out!




That’s all for my July favourites, I hope that you liked it all! let me know below if you go out and grab any of these bits, and let me know your favourites for July too. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates you can do that by filling in your email at the side! <3



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