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Vegananuary part 2: The everyday vegan

So whilst i’m writing this we’re currently twelve days in to Vegananuary, i’m hoping that you’re enjoying it and are seeing positive changes within yourself, have you found anything so far that has surprised you either positively or negatively?

After speaking to several non-vegans recently, something that struck a chord with me is how many people don’t know that a-lot of the everyday foods that they’re eating can be Incorporated into a vegan diet. Being vegan is definitely easy when you know how and you don’t have to miss out.

When you start looking at the ingredients on products you may find yourself surprised at what ingredients are in your food or even more what ingredients you’d expect to find that aren’t in there.  I used the vegan hive mind to help me come up with a list of foods that are “accidentally vegan” and foods that are “surprisingly not vegan”. Please note when I say that these foods are vegan i’m purely speaking in the sense that there are not any ingredients that you cannot eat in a vegan diet listed.  I am not saying that the brands are good vegan brands however for the purpose of Vegananuary I am stating foods that contain no animal by-products.

Sweets and treats: There’s a surprising amount of accidentally vegan treats out there, a lot of chocolate flavoured biscuits such as chocolate bourbons and Oreo’s, (although in the uk the peanut butter flavour are not vegan, however US peanut butter Oreo’s are vegan) as well as Dark chocolate chip “cookie” style biscuits, beware though some of these do still contain milk but look out for Fox’s cookie mini’s, these are vegan and I know they’re currently sold in Tesco’s in the UK. There are lots of other non-chocolate vegan biscuits such as; the most delicious sugar biscuits Party Rings , Fruit Shortcake and classics such as Hobnobs.

Of course it’s not just biscuits that are vegan the CO-OP’s freshly baked pies, jam and custard doughnuts are all also vegan, they do a range of flavours including cherry and apple, and of course strawberry Jam doughnuts. As it stands at the moment I am not aware of any other supermarket having their own branded vegan doughnuts and pies, please note that they always have to by law state allergens if you are still wary you can always ask.  Mr Kipling’s jam and treacle tarts are also vegan and these can be found in most supermarkets.

Good news for pop tart fans! Unfrosted pop tarts are vegan, however the iced pop tarts contain gelatin and so aren’t vegan! you can always add your own frosting after though for sugary fix. Also make sure to look at the backs of biscuits and cookies that have icing, as often they use gelatin to set the icing.

The biggest issue that you’ll find with sweets is Gelatin or red food dye, which is commonly seen as Carmine, Crimson Lake,  Cochineal, Carminic acid or Natural red #4. These food colourings are derived from crushed bugs and there for are not vegan. There are plenty of sweets that don’t contain these though including gummy/jelly sweets. Jelly tots and most fruit laces are vegan, and there are plenty of others too such as sherbert, flying saucer sweets, parma violets and fizzers just to mention a few.

Along side of sweets lets not forget my personal favourite treat chocolate! I’ve always favoured chocolate over everything else. Normally in the free from section you can buy dairy free chocolate, but you can also buy some dark chocolate found in the usual sweets and chocolate section that is also vegan. I always get frustrated with the dark chocolate section, brands that used to exclude milk such as Green and Blacks now use milk, luckily there are now other brands that don’t use milk products, a brand called Doisy and Dam do several vegan bars and some store branded bars do not contain milk.


Crisps and savory snacks: Good news for vegans in the UK, with veganism becoming more and more popular brands are following suit. I’ve recently noticed in Sainsbury’s a huge influx in crisps that are now being labelled vegan and gluten free. On my vegan journey, crisps have been quite surprising, some of the flavours you’d expect to be vegan aren’t and vice versa. Salt and vinegar crisps such as Pringles contain milk powder and some prawn cocktail flavoured crisps are vegan. It hugely varies from brand to brand, so either look for the packets that have vegan clearly labelled on the front or check the back of each packets all allergens such as Milk and eggs will be in BOLD, so they will be easier to see however honey for instance won’t be so you’ll have to scour the ingredients to check. It’s not just regular potato crisps that are vegan you can also buy store branded onion rings, “bacon” rashers and just a sneaky heads up, Aldi do their own version of “Skips” which are absolutely delicious.

Not accidentally vegan, but there’s loads of other varieties of delicious salted snacks that are vegan, such as Yushoi (pea snacks), nuts and Plantain Chips to list some of my favourites.

So as well as snacks there’s plenty of fridge and cupboard foods to keep an eye out for. For instance a lot of packaged Falafels unfortunately are not vegan and contain egg or dairy, I believe it to be a lot of supermarket own branded Falafels that aren’t, but pictured above is Cauldron Falafels, luckily these are vegan and you can buy them in various supermarkets (I found these in Sainsbury’s).

Keeping in line with fresh produce, dips often contain milk. Guacamole for instance is definitely one of those foods that shouldn’t contain dairy, but more often than not contains cream, though in my personal opinion fresh guac is definitely nicer anyway and you get more for your money. 😉

it’s always worth checking tomato sauce (Ketchup) too, I’ve noticed that a lot of store branded ketchup contains milk however Heinz is okay. Just be wary when you’re getting a burger from somewhere that isn’t 100% vegan, and make sure they don’t use cheap branded dairy sauces!

Getting take away or eating on the go can always be tricky, I think this is where a lot of people struggle especially if you have a busy life style. Luckily loads of places such as starbucks and supermarkets are now doing vegan wraps and sandwiches. Only recently Starbucks released new sandwiches including a bbq jackfruit and slaw wrap (I cannot wait to get my hands on this!) As veganism is increasing in popularity and things like vegananuary are happening more and more supermarkets are increasing their ranges of both fresh and cupboard products and it’s come a long way from just chips, salad and falafel being the only vegan options. This leads me on to my last and final check list, be careful of store bought salads. They put a lot of unnecessary ingredients into salad dressings, finding things like eggs and dairy in your vinaigrette unfortunately isn’t too uncommon so just keep an eye out!

I know that this can seem very overwhelming, but being vegan is actually incredibly easy. There are lots of pages that can help you, out check out the Accidentally Vegan page on Instagram and Facebook, they post frequently with new vegan finds. Luckily we’re living in this wonderful age where veganism is no longer just sticking to a home cooked diet  and a lot of new companies are coming forward with new amazing vegan products. Good luck on your vegananuary journey, and look out for more posts and recipes that are coming soon.



Vegananuary: cupboard essentials.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful festive period full of delicious food, friends and family! And now, as January has arrived, I wanted to take some time to talk about Vegananuary!

Vegananuary is where for the month of January you cut out all meat, eggs, dairy and any animal byproduct, and eat vegan for the month! It’s a great way to try something new and kick start your health for the year (75% of people trying vegananuary last year saw vast improvements to their health) and it also helps save billions of animals lives! and not to mention you can also do it for charity too!

I know it may sound tough but i’m here to show you that it isn’t! you don’t need to miss out on anything at all, it’s incredibly easy in this day and age to be vegan. More and more products are being sold in supermarkets, 2017 was a particularly good year for vegan food in supermarkets with Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Aldi all following suit and improving all their vegan ranges…not to mention Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and other fast food chains all released vegan food to their menu’s!

I will be posting recipes over the month as well as blog posts with helpful tips to help you on your vegananuary journey so keep your eyes peeled.

I thought i’d kick start my vegananuary blogs by my cupboard essentials! Of course fruit and vegetables are essentials for a vegan diet, but this goes without saying, but what else might you want to add to your cupboards?

First of all lets talk about milk substitutes. There’s loads of alternative “milk” drinks out there and in my opinion they all taste great in different things. For instance rice milk is sweet, creamy and tastes delicious with cereal, smoothies, hot chocolate or in baking. Soy and almond milk is great in tea (almond milk makes your tea taste like biscuits), oat milk tastes lovely in porridge and smoothies, and coconut milk tastes great with cereal, smoothies and baking! it’s all about trying to find your favourites so don’t be put off if you don’t like one or another, the flavour can also change dramatically depending on brand. There are tonnes of brands out there and you can buy both sweetened “milks” and unsweetened. It’s always worth noting to look out for fortified drinks, this means they’ve added calcium, B12 and/or vitamin D! perfect for being a healthy vegan!


SIDE NOTE: Cereals can also be a pain! A lot of cereals in supermarkets specifically cheaper cereals have either milk added in or milk protein! So just keep an eye out! There are tonnes of great vegan cereals, check out the free from section in supermarkets if you’re really stuck.

Of course if you don’t eat cereal you’ll want something to go on your toast in the morning! you can get vegan margarine from most supermarkets now! some such as Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s even have their own branded version other wise there are a lot of others. Brands to look out for are Pure and vitalite, although following suit you also have flora that have started doing their own version and some supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco do a coconut “spread” and avocado too. My personal favourite has to be Pure: olive oil spread though!


Nut butters are definitely one of my cupboard essentials! high protein and full of good fats! 🙂 I love adding them to my smoothies or porridge in the morning! (peanut butter porridge is delicious, just add a spoon of peanut butter in and slice some banana’s on top! adding seeds adds another protein boost and they’re packed with tonnes of nutrients!)
My favourite brand is Pip And Nuts, you can buy it in tubs this size or in 1kg tubs. They also sell almond butters (which are delicious, i’m going to do some brownies this month using almond butter! keep your eyes peeled!) and various different types of peanut butter for instance, peanut butter with maple syrup, coconut or agave! it’s available in Most supermarkets, Holland and Barrett’s or online.


Whilst we’re talking about proteins one of my favourite cupboard staples is Buckwheat! despite the name it’s gluten free and isn’t made from wheat at all. It’s actually a flowering plant and is related to rhubarb! it contains both protein and a healthy carbs making it great for a vegan diet. You can now buy buckwheat pasta in Sainsbury’s, It’s usually mixed in with the regular pasta’s in the supermarket and looks a dark purple/brown colour or you can find it health food shops. Buckwheat pasta is great with all your normal pasta dishes, it has a great texture and generally it’s just delicious! You can also buy buckwheat flour and crackers!

link to the sainsbury’s buckwheat pasta: buckwheat pasta

SIDE NOTE: also available in Sainsbury’s they sell Lentil and pea pasta! worth checking out, though the textures for me particularly pea pasta, takes some getting used to! I do however absolutely love Sweet potato noodles, butternut squash noodles and zucchini noodles all of which are great substitutes for pasta and you can find them in the fresh section in supermarkets!


Okay so I’m going to band these three together, unfortunately I do not have any photos of these as I’m currently away but they’re pretty straight forward.  These are definite staples in any vegans cupboards: Tofu, Lentils and chickpeas! all three are high in protein and perfect for vegan diets, they add essential nutrients, protein and help keep you fuller for longer.

TOFU: tofu is such a versatile tool! it’s a great egg and meat replacement in recipes. You can scramble it, fry it, bake it pretty much anything! I’ve used it as a scrambled egg replacement, I’ve used it to make frittata’s, quiche and flan! also suitable in sauces or you can also just added to a stir fry. There are two main different types of tofu found in supermarkets although there are quite a few different types. Soft/silken tofu is better as an egg replacement in  baking, where as firm tofu is best for frying and a meat substitute.

Lentils: Lentils are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, they’re also a great source of fiber and low in calories! Perfect in soups, chilli and casserole. You can also make lentil hummus! recipe coming soon!

Chickpeas: if you’re a fan of hummus then i’m sure you’re already fully aware of chickpeas and how delicious and wonderful they can be! they’re an essential in the cupboard too, add them to curries, soups or make your own hummus and be sure to save the liquid in the can because this makes a perfect egg replacement in baking.


Okay, now if you’re wondering how you’re going to get through without cheese and feeling a bit intimidated with the vegan “cheese” aka “gary” in the supermarkets, then take a deep breath and get experimental! what I will say is vegan “cheeses” do not taste like normal cheese and once you can push past this you’ll be able to accept the delicious nut, soy, rice and coconut blocks in their full glory. Like with the “milks” each of the different blocks are better for different things. Some brands will have their own versions of things you may or may not like, some brands you may not like at all. Some are better in sauces, melted, or just to eat with crackers. Honestly I could write an entire blog entry on my most favourite and least favourite vegan “cheese” blocks so all I can do is recommend that you experiment, both Sainsbury’s and Tesco have their own branded versions so make a great place to start as they’re both affordable and easily accessible, or the most commonly found brand is Violife. I love Violife! it’s a coconut based “cheese” and they do various types including melty, Parmesan, mild and strong. They even did a vegan “cheese” board this past Christmas. I buy violife slices on frequent basis as they’re perfect just to keep in the fridge for either crackers, sauces or just to chuck on top of a salad!



Lastly on my essentials list is this wonderful product called nutritional yeast. It’s essentially deactivated yeast which you add to food, it has an almost cheesy taste to it which makes it perfect to add to sauces, it’s also delicious in soups, or just sprinkled on top of salads or pasta. I’ve even used it as a sprinkling on top of baked mac and “cheese” to add a delicious crust top. I always make sure to buy the pot with added B12 in so that it adds a real nutrition boost to my food. You can buy it from Holland and Barrett’s, some supermarkets and health food stores.


So that’s all for my essential cupboard range, I will be adding lots more to these blogs including recipes, treat favourites and much, much more!

For now good luck on your adventure through vegananuary, whatever you’re reason behind starting. Let me know how you get on below in the comment sections.

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Spiced Christmas log, Vegan&Gluten Free.

Who doesn’t love a delicious cake at Christmas? I wanted to make a festive cake this year, however I’ve never been one to eat Christmas cake! so of course I went to the my festive favourite and created a delicious yule log! Chocolate cake is my favourite kind of cake all year round, and Christmas is no exception!
This yule log has subtle cinnamon and nutmeg flavours running throughout which adds a little twist to the usual yule cake, I used a simple yet indulgent ganache using my favourite vegan chocolate and decorated using fondant and icing.

As you’re probably aware if you have looked at my recipes before, I don’t eat refined sugar! I made several versions of these over the festive period, some for gifts, some were commissions and some for myself! All of them were vegan and gluten free but some contained normal sugar and some were created for my dietary requirements. Below when listing the ingredients i’ll give you options for both, so you can decide which version to create! 🙂 of course if you don’t need gluten free you can use normal gluten flour! 🙂



Before we get started:

Hints and Tips to help your cake roll :

  • you want to bake your cake so that it’s just about baked! if it’s well baked/over baked you won’t be able to roll it properly.
  • before rolling using a knife slightly score a line all the way across one end, making sure to only score the sponge to quarter/halfway down.

Vegan egg replacer:

For my vegan cake I use a bi-product called “aquafabab” if you haven’t heard of this in simple terms it’s the liquid you get in a can of chickpeas! this is a great binding ingredient, it’s cheap and you can use the chickpeas after to make something else delicious like hummus!

Alternative sugars:

to make my cakes refined sugar free I use coconut sugar which you can find in supermarkets or health food stores,I usually buy mine in Sainsbury’s.

For my icing “sugar” I use a brand called Sukrin, who use Stevia to replicate specific sugars. They have created a replica of powdered icing sugar, it has zero calories and is a wonderful substitute! you can buy is here: sukrin

alternatively you can use regular icing sugar and regular caster sugar!


  • 240 grams of plain Gluten free flour (you can substitute for normal plain flour- do NOT use self raising)
  • 2 heaped tablespoons of raw cacao (you can substitute for 3 table spoons of normal baking cocoa)
  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon,
  • half a teaspoon of nutmeg,
  • a pinch of salt,
  • 1 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda,
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder,
  • 120 grams of coconut sugar, (you may use normal sugar if you aren’t bothered about your cake being made with unrefined sugars)
  • 1.5 tablespoons of oil, (I use a liquid coconut oil mixed with rapeseed oil- however olive oil works well too! do NOT melt coconut oil as the oil needs to be cool to add to the mix!)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract,
  • 6 tablespoons of Aquafaba, (see above if unsure)
  • 240 ml of luke warm water,
  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.


  • 100 grams of vegan margarine,
  • 150 grams of sukrin Icing stevia (or normal icing sugar depending on how you are making your cake.)
  • 2 tablespoons of raw cacao (or normal cocoa)


  • 100g vegan margarine,
  • 100 grams icing stevia or regular icing,
  • 100 grams of your favourite dark vegan chocolate. If you want to make it refined sugar free I used the new large vegan bars of Ombar which i bought in my local health food store. I recommend using 70% darker!



  1. Get a swiss roll/yule log baking tray- which is normally 30x20cm (the size of a standard baking tray-you can use a baking tray however make sure it’s got the depth to hold your sponge) and line it with baking paper and put to the side. Preheat your oven to 175 degrees, or gas mark 4.
  2. In a large bowl mix in your flour, cacao, sugar, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg, then create a “well” in the middle. If you’re unsure what this means, make a hole in the middle of the dry ingredients ready to add your liquids.
  3. In the well in the middle pour in your vanilla, warm water, aquafaba and oil, then mix until your cake mixture is totally combined.
  4. In a separate bowl place in your bicarbonate of soda, baking powder and then add in your apple cider vinegar. This is going to make it fizz and froth up, whilst it’s fizzing add this to your cake batter, mix in gently but do not over mix. You want to stir the mix going round the outside and then through the middle. You do not want to mix too much other wise you’ll loose the bubbles which makes helps make the sponge light and fluffy!
  5. Pour the batter into your pan making sure that it’s getting into all the corners and hitting all the sides. Some times it’s useful to pick the baking pan up and move it around so the cake batter moves out everywhere! Then pop into the oven for 12-15 minutes. Your cake needs to be just baked. Over baking will mean that it’s too dry to roll.
  6. Whilst the cake is baking, slightly dampen a clean tea towel, and lye it on a surface, then using a sieve sprinkle over some cacao or cocoa. as soon as the cake is baked take the sponge over to your tea towel and very quickly flip your sponge over so that the baking paper is on the top and your sponge is face down on the tea towel. Slowly peel off the baking paper being very careful to not pull away at the cake and break it, then leave to fully cool. The trick to this is to flip it very quickly so that the cake doesn’t break!
  7. When your cake is cooling it’s time to create your butter cream! in a bowl cream together your margarine, icing and cacao/cocoa until light and fluffy!
  8. Once fully cooled, on one end slightly score a line across the end, be careful not to go too deep. Take your butter cream and spread over your sponge so that it’s even and covers all of the sponge later.
  9. Using the tea towel underneath the sponge, starting on the side that you have scored start rolling the sponge up, so that the but you have scored is on the inside. Do not be surprised if the sponge cracks a little, this is perfectly normal, just be sure to keep rolling. Once it’s fully rolled use your hands to plump it up and push it together if you need to. Using a sharp knife carefully slice a bit off each side so that the sides are nice and neat.
  10. Now it’s time to make the ganache! cream together your Margarine and icing,  then Melt your chocolate. Instantly pour your chocolate into your margarine and icing, mix them together. The ganache will set pretty quickly once the chocolate starts cooling, so whilst it’s warm take the time to spread the mixture all over your chocolate sponge log, covering all sides. It’s quite messy, but that’s okay you can clean it up after! Once you’ve spread the ganache over to create a “log” effect use a fork and gently pull it through and over the ganache, then leave your cake and ganache to set and enjoy!

Of course you can always decorate your yule log however you want! on some of mine I dusted my cake in a very light sprinkling of icing, and used vegan fondant icing to create some holly, ivy and a snowman!



White Rabbit Vegan and gluten free pizza review.

Hey guys, so i’m really excited to write this review. As you can see by the title it’s for the vegan pizza that Sainsbury’s announced they were launching. Sainsbury’s this year has started to release an amazing home brand range of vegan and free from products as well as stocking other brands such as pudology, violife and the coconut collaborative. They also announced about a month a go that they would be releasing a vegan and gluten free pizza! The pizza is by a brand called The white Rabbit. I was really excited when I saw the Smokin’ vegan pizza in there on Thursday and decided to grab it and see what I thought.

The pizza is topped with Olives and peppers (I was very naughty as i’m not able to eat peppers at the moment…but I won’t tell if you don’t) and is subtly smoked.


So first thing I did was check all the ingredients. I was really impressed with how allergen aware they were, in fact they avoided all of the main allergens. The cheese isn’t made with soy but with rice, Rice “cheeses” are some of my favourites next to coconut as they make a really creamy substitute. They also didn’t add sugar or citric acid but instead opted for carob gum. They use Psyllium husk as an egg replacer which I love as I also use it as an egg replacer in pizza too and it’s a really healthy alternative! All ingredients considered as a pizza that is available in a supermarket I was pleasantly surprised that it hadn’t been bulked out with lots of hidden nasties!

I was really excited to get it home but decided to wait until the Friday to have it (yay pizza weekend treat!!). Now I feel that as a review you need to know the good and bad points, and this is just a minor discrepancy but in the time it took me to get from the shop to my house (takes approximately 8 minutes) the pizza crust had broken in several places. I do love a thin and crispy pizza but It was also slightly annoying how it had broken both quite far in and on the crust (see photo’s below). This obviously this was my own fault as I should have taken more precautions when carrying it and I will in future, but I felt it was worth noting here so you guys can make sure you do! I also noticed how fragile the pizza was when I was transferring it onto the pizza tray. The pizza base is quite thin and so just make sure to be really careful when moving it about.

When it came to popping my pizza in the oven I made sure to follow their instructions perfectly, although instead of adding olive oil I added avocado oil as it’s my favourite treat. The cooking instructions said 7-10 minutes, so I checked the pizza after 10 minutes as instructed but the “cheese” didn’t look like it had melted at all, so I decided to leave it in there for another few minutes, i’m really glad I did as the cheese melted a lot more and looked absolutely perfect.


Cutting into my first slice of pizza I was really excited to hear the crispy crust. Of course the plus to having a thin and delicate pizza is how deliciously crispy it becomes when it bakes and as you cut into it towards the center of the pizza the base was softer. This for me is the perfect pizza slice. Crispy outer softer gooey inner!

taking my first bite I was really in love with the flavour the vegetables gave to the softness of the cheese. The “cheese” is very creamy, I wouldn’t say it blasts you with flavour as it is very mild and delicate tasting, but you get this slight tang from the olives and sweetness from the peppers mixed in with creamy cheesy goodness which makes for very happy taste buds! I didn’t get much from any of the herbs or seasoning they used and I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t really taste any smokey flavouring, I know it stated “subtle smoke flavour” but it was barely coming through at all. I could pick up on a little something else but couldn’t place my finger (or in this case tongue) on it. I think in future when buying this pizza I will definitely be adding a little something extra to mine..perhaps some Marjoram and some extra oregano!

Now I’m not sure if you have ever noticed that flavour tends to comes out more as food cools, so to give this pizza a fair review I decided to eat some cold and some hot/warm and It was just like I had suspected, once this pizza had cooled down you could taste the smokey flavour a lot more. It was still subtle but it was definitely more apparent, you could also taste more of their seasoning and it almost tasted like a different pizza, of course it wasn’t and you still had the creamy “cheese” and sweetness and tang from the olives and peppers, only there was a lot more emphasis on all of the different flavours,

I would say the pizza base doesn’t have much flavour, however I would definitely say that out of all the gluten free pizza’s i’ve tried this base is definitely in my top 2! in fact this may be joint first with Zizzi’s. If you don’t eat gluten free on a regular basis then you won’t know how many pizza places get it so wrong! Believe me when say I’ve had my fair share of bad pizza bases, I’ve had pizza bases that taste like cardboard or are really rubbery, others that taste okay when warm but as soon as they’re cold you may as well say RIP to your teeth! (and that means no pizza left for the next day…I know! a total nightmare!) I’ve had lots of pizza places burn their thin gluten free pizza bases which means they’re also a tooth ache when trying to eat them warm! (ouch!) So whilst I did make a note and was a little unhappy with how fragile the pizza was unbaked, when baked this base was absolutely fantastic! it didn’t have a whole bunch of flavour, (but then do a lot of pizza bases?) but it definitely ranked right at the top of my pizza base list!

In evaluation I would 100% recommend this pizza to anyone vegan or not! at £5 a pizza it can be deemed as pricier than none vegan/gluten free pizza’s, however I would definitely say it is the best competitor for pizza restaurants as well as other pizzas like this on the market and at the price it is a lot better value! I am very impressed with how allergen aware White Rabbit have been whilst creating this which has made it suitable for a much larger audience. The cheese is okay warm but even more delicious once it is cooler! The toppings couldn’t be more perfect I really feel they thought out the flavours perfectly for this pizza! I would say my main criticism is that for me personally there isn’t a great deal of seasoning that comes through when the pizza is warm. I definitely will buy this again though, but I’ll be adding lots more herbs to mine!

The pizza definitely tastes and feels like it’s come straight out of an Italian Restaurant and I’m delighted that Sainsbury’s made this move towards free from and allergen food and i’m thoroughly impressed. Well done Sainsbury’s! This pizza is miss bunny approved! <3



August Favourites


So it’s the end of a very busy month for me. August has been hectic with Pride, cake commissions, visiting family and health related things. I also properly launched this website in August! So it’s one of those months that’s been a beautiful chaos and as the month draws to an end I like to look back and reflect, not only on the things I’ve bought but also on myself. I like to look at the things that I struggled with and see if there’s something I can do to improve, I like to map out ideas of new cakes that I want to bake and give myself goals and targets. I have a special note book that I write my thoughts and ideas down in and plan for the next month, it helps me feel like i’m going into a new month with a new and fresh mind and ready to start all over again.

And of course I also like to reflect on my favourite things for the month and lets face it that’s why you’re all here. So this month I did a little Primark haul. I love Primark, it’s one of those places that when on a budget you can still pick up some really cute pieces. I especially wanted to pay Primark a visit when I heard about them stocking Pusheen goodies. Pusheen is one of my favourite little characters, Ali and I have a bit of a problem! anything Pusheen and we become the real life emoticon with heart eyes . So when we saw a photo of the Pusheen fleece blankets posted online we had to pop  into our local Primark to see if we had them and of course a few extra bits fell into the basket at the same time.

How adorable is this blanket? I can’t get over how super dooper soft it is. I honestly can’t wait for it to get cold so I can cuddle up in it and drink hot chocolate. The blanket cost just £6! <3 totally worth the money.

They also also had a couple of other pusheen items in our store this month. They had pusheen bedding but unfortunately it was out of stock in king size! and they also had these gorgeous little pusheen socks. These pusheen socks were just £3 for the pack of 3 so a complete bargain <3 and now I can have kawaii feet everywhere I go. One of my guilty pleasures is wearing a super gothy outfit and then wearing some super kawaii socks that completely clash with the aesthetic. sneaky kawaii where ever I go.

Going with the super Kawaii theme they also had tonnes of Disney items in this month. I was so excited to see Marie and beauty and the beast items everywhere. I’m fully preparing myself for winter this year and i’m super excited for it to start getting cooler and dressing up in my cute gear. At the beginning of the year I went through my wardrobe and cleared out a tonne of clothes that I no longer wore or felt “inspired” by. Which means that I now get to replace all of my bits with new things that do inspire me. Jumpers are essential in England as it gets cooler so I was so excited when I saw this Marie cat Jumper. It’s a mushy kind of pink which I really love and the inside is fleece. I have worn it a couple of times already (I’m super bizarre and I get really cold all of the time) and it’s the most snuggly jumper! I’m looking forward to it becoming cooler over the next month so that i’m able to snuggle in it all the time. The jumper cost £8 which made it the most expensive item I bought in this haul.


On the marie snuggly theme I bought these super cute slipper socks. I Love slipper socks. I wear them all the time.  as soon as i’m in the house it’s shoes off, socks off slipper socks on! I buy new ones each year as i tend to wear mine to their deaths ( RIP slipper socks.) so I picked these up in preparation. Ali bought me one pair (because he’s a cutie) and I bought the other. the smaller ones cost £4 and the larger £5.

The last thing I bought from my Primark haul was something that i’d had my eye on for ages, but they seem to disappear off of shelves in a blink of an eye and I’ve never managed to get my hands on one let alone see one in store before. As I was going to pay for my other items I noticed this guy behind the counter. Super excited I asked the cashier to bring one over and how could I refuse?

<3 This little chip cup has caused quite a stir in the disney community. With everyone going totally crazy over getting one and going for extortionate prices on ebay I thought I wouldn’t be able to get one! but I’m glad I held out, I managed to grab my chip for £5 and I absolutely love him!

side note: does it really annoy you when people go to Primark and purchase something for £6, but they’ll bulk buy and then sell it on for double sometimes triple the price to others who weren’t able to get their hands on the item? and probably because they’ve bulk bought it. This is one of my pet peeves. I feel like it ruins it for others! don’t be that person. Hearing horror stories in the media about these cups and how people were going in and buying crates full and they sold out in about half an hour of the shop being open, just so they could go on and sell them for triple the price. People are so greedy and it makes me mad! (end rant)

so that’s the end of my Primark haul. I did buy one other clothing item this month that made it to my favourites. I’ve already worn it a great deal too, as it’s so big and baggy and perfect to slouch around the house in. I was so excited to find out that one of my favourite singers Melanie Martinez was having an online sale of her merchandise. I was eyeing up so many things, her shope is my perfect aesthetic and I found it hard to pick what I wanted, but I decided to go for this hoodie. I actually bought it in a size Large so that I had lots of snuggling room and it would be extra baggy, I think hoodies are super dooper cute when they’re really baggy.  I believe the hoodie cost me £36 with postage in the sale.

The hoodie has “cry baby” written on it. Which as you may know if you like her is the title of her album. The inside of the hoodie is super soft and it’s really warm and just as snuggly as i’d anticipated. The hoodie arrived to me really quickly. I was really impressed. I think it came from somewhere in europe and it arrived to me within the week!

I love discovering new food items and there have definitely been some tasty yummies that I discovered in August.
As I was scouring the shelves in my favourite vegetarian super market Infinity foods for new products, I found these super delicious treats by a brand called Rhythm 108. I’d never heard of this brand before, but as I reached for the coconut cookies to check the ingredients I was excited to discover that they were completely tummy safe. They also had three other flavours; Ginger and lemon, Chocolate and Hazlenut and Almond biscotti. As I can’t eat ginger or lemon I avoided those, but I did grab the other two. Currently I am not able to eat chocolate but as they were on an introductory offer (and quite a bit cheaper) I decided to grab them for when I’m able to in a couple of months time!

When I was home I decided to try two of each biscuit and yum! they are absolutely delicious. I favour the almond ones, they taste like the bottom of a bakewell tart and as I was eating them I was planning amazing cherry bakewell “cheese” cakes and drooling over it! the coconut biscuits are also divine and definitely still make it to my favourites this month. I am coconut obsessed and they’re so crumbly and delicious with a good blast of coconut but not over powering. If you see these babies lying around your health food shop be sure to grab them! they won’t disappoint!

Just a couple of other things made it onto my August favourites. I had recently run out of my regular hemp protein powder and I needed another, so I decided to see if Holland and barrett’s had a large bag, but instead I stumbled across this wonderful Strawberry Hemp protein powder. My tummy is very hit and miss with strawberries. Unfortunately I’m not good with eating the actual fruit itself because of the seeds but strawberry flavoured stuff seem to be okay. So I thought I would buy some and give it a whirl and see how I got on with it. Luckily my tummy seems to be absolutely fine with it and it’s absolutely delicious. With only 5 ingredients it’s the perfect thing for a tasty protein shake. I like making mine with frozen banana and almond milk or adding spinach in. I’m also going to create some delicious vanilla, almond and strawberry protein brownies using this powder.

and lastly for August food favourites whilst visiting my family in Cheltenham at the beginning of the month, I went looking for snacks. Often I’ll head to the kids/baby section (I know this sounds ridiculous but stay with me!) a lot of childrens snacks are organic and made with no nasty preservatives or extra ingredients that are harsh for tummies. There’s a wonderful range by a brand called Kiddylicious that are suitable for 12months- adults. They do a lot of gluten free and dairy free (often vegan) food items that are really delicious without any nasty preservatives in there and this month I discovered these wonderful flapjack style slices. I bought banana and carrot. Both were delicious but for me the carrot deserved a place on my favourites! The carrot slices tasted just like an oaty carrot cake! so yummy! and no added sugar they are sweetened with apple juice instead! perfect for a healthy snack!

So what else has been my favourite this month? Although this isn’t a new anime I discovered it this month so it needs to be put in here. Welcome to the NHK, an anime about a guy with agoraphobia trying to break out of his comfort zone and the people that he encounters. It looks back over his life giving you a good back story to how he became the way he is, whilst also keeping in the present and showing the obstacles he has to over come. he has an almost his child like mind and seeing the world from fresh naive eyes. I love how they’ve captured the serious elements to someone suffering with agoraphobia (like myself) and added a humorous twist. Definitely worth a watch if you’re able to find it!

My last honorable mention this month is that I rediscovered my love for Kate Nash. She’s recently released two songs: Agenda and Good summer. Both sound very different but I love them both equally. I know that her music isn’t the stereo type of goth/alt music, but as you’ll see in a future post coming soon, I definitely don’t hold myself to one type of music…variety is the spice of life!

so that’s a rap for my August favourites <3 I hope that you enjoyed seeing them all! if you go out and try any of these bits comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear about your favourites too so don’t forget to tell me yours! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get regular updates and never miss out on what i’m up to <3




Giving Tree Snacks review.

Hello everyone, today’s post is all about these giving tree snacks. I first discovered these snacks about a year ago, I was visiting Manchester and I became really hungry that I decided to go and venture for a well needed snack. Of course my stomach being ultra sensitive I couldn’t just pop to a shop and grab anything, so I headed to Holland And Barrett’s where I scoured the shelves looking for something delicious that accommodates my dietary needs. Even in a shop that sells health foods and free from foods my choices are always quite limited, so after checking the backs of multiple different packets I reached for a bag of giving tree broccoli “crisps”.  They sound really strange don’t they? and this was going to go either one of two ways, either they were going to be absolutely terrible and I was going to regret buying them or they were going to be the best thing i’d ever discovered.


I’ve tried various different types of root vegetable crisps in the past and I’ve always really liked them but I was questioning how they would be able to turn broccoli into crisps. Never the less I decided to try them. Now before I continue I’d like to state that they were pricey at £2 for a 18g bag, you don’t get a huge amount in there. However I definitely needed to eat and it seemed like the better option for me.

When I opened the bag I was presented with actual broccoli florets but they were small and crispy with a sort of crumbly layer that covered them. Definitely not like root vegetable crisps at all. They looked exactly as they describe on the packet dehydrated broccoli florets with rice bran covering them. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting when I took my first bite, but my goodness they were absolutely delicious! packed with broccoli flavour and really crispy. They crunch in your mouth just like normal crisps would but they’re not greasy or oily. They have such a big blast of flavour which I found really surprising as there’s no added salt or flavourings other than the rice bran. This makes them the perfect healthy snack! I passed one to Ali my partner who is really dubious of a lot of the food I try and eat, but much to his surprise he also really liked them! I couldn’t help thinking how wonderful they would taste crumbled up on top of a pasta dish or salad to add a little crunch to the dishes. ( I have since tried this and can confirm they are absolutely wonderful on top of both,  but particularly favoured over pasta)

(they’re also perfect for a healthy snack)

I was really keen after I had tried these to see if there were any others and over the past year I was also able to pick up a few other flavours; Strawberry, mango and pumpkin.
Mango and strawberry were absolutely incredible. The strawberry feel like you’re eating sweeties, which means they’re perfect if you’re like me and like a sweet snack. They come in the perfect size too, they remind me of those strawberry squishy foam sweets that you get, only these are better because they’re the real thing. (and actually they’re not squishy at all, they just look a little like them, hehe) They’re packed full of flavour and really fruity and sweet.

The mango slices are also among my favourites. Imagine the texture of skips and how they melt in your mouth but with the flavour of Mango. I love biting into these and sucking until they’ve dissolved into a lovely fruity mango burst, or dipping them into my favourite coconut yogurt and enjoying them together.

I’m not sure about you guys but being a creepy cute kinda girl I always look forward to halloween for all the pumpkin related yummies. Pumpkin curry, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin my life up! so when I saw their pumpkin crisps I was really excited. With how high I regard the other flavours these fell slightly flat for me. Pumpkin isn’t the most flavour-some of vegetables despite being one of my favourite autumnal flavours and I felt that with the punch of flavour that you get from the others these didn’t quite hit my taste buds the same way. I would recommend trying these though, if you’re looking for a more subtle flavour or perhaps to add on top of your favourite autumn soup.

It had been quite awhile since I had last tried these wonderful snacks but this month I wanted to come up with some zesty flavoured cupcakes (be sure to check out the recipe which is coming next week!) I decided to check out their online store, at just £1.75 a bag it works out much cheaper than buying from Holland And Barrett’s (although they currently have an online sale for mango and peach flavour at £1.50 but normal price is £2 a bag) I decided to buy a box full with a new flavour that I hadn’t tried (peach). With lots of recipes in mind and lots of cupcake and cheese cake flavours whirling round my head I was super excited to receive them all.

In evaluation I absolutely love these products, Pumpkin fell short for me but every other flavour I’ve tried have been exquisite. I highly recommend trying these. You can buy them from various places such as Whole foods, Holland and Barrett’s or you can even do a cheeky order online to get the best price possible! and here’s hoping they bring out a cherry flavour! what flavours would you like to see? leave me a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get updates on recipes, blog posts and much much more!


July 2017 Favourites

Hey guys so I know i’m quite a bit late to my monthly favourites, but better late than never? as the saying goes 😀

July was such a fun and busy month for me, I had Hyper Japan and I was also really busy coming up with new flavours and recipes for doughnuts and cakes.

Over the month I purchased a few things that I thought I’d share with you all, I’ll list shops and links below too so if you want to purchase the items you can! My favourite products are in no way endorsed or sponsored by the brands, I just love these products and wanted to share them.

So lets start with my one and only favourite food item this month. As some of you may know if you’ve read my recipes page, I am vegan and my favourite alternative milks, are Almond, rice and coconut milk. So when I discovered this amazing Almond and coconut milk I was freaking out, not to mention that my very sensitive stomach and gut can’t handle a lot of brands milks because they put thickening ingredients in such as carrageenan, Pip and Nut is my favourite almond butter brand, I especially love their almond and coconut butter!
When I was in Sainsbury’s I noticed they had released three different types of almond milk; Almond, Almond and coconut and Almond and honey. The Almond and coconut screamed out at me! I was definitely drawn in by the ingredients list, there’s no extra nasties in there, no added sugar and everything is very tummy friendly!
It is slightly more on the pricey side than other almond and coconut milks out there, costing £2 instead of the others costing £1.50, however you’re definitely paying for quality in this product. Despite it being thinner texture, it’s really creamy and so full of flavour! I’ve been adding it into my smoothies in the morning to add extra flavour and it’s become my favourite milk! I did take a look online and found some stores selling it for a lot cheaper than Sainsbury’s were, so I think i’m going to do an online order and bulk buy! it’s definitely worth looking around.





So moving on to non food related items. I found this beautiful plush, soft faux fur pink bunny bag in Claire’s accessories….have you ever been in love with a bag? because honestly I think I might be. This bag is so perfectly me, that I squealed when I saw it. It’s incredible soft but is also water proof on the inside.
I’d recently been looking for a bag as my gorgeous Care Bears large plush bag from Iron fist clothing had recently deceased. I loved the size of the iron fist bag, it was perfect for food shopping to put my groceries in, whilst maintaining my kawaii aesthetic. This plush bag despite being adorable is practical too as it’s a large rucksack and so perfect for grocery shopping. This makes it both adorable and practical and was a must have!
I bought this bag for £25 in the Claire’s sale, but I know that the RRP is £35. Keep an eye out for sales though, as it may go in there again!




These gorgeous buys were a purchase from Hyper Japan, on the Roxie Sweetheart stall. I love Roxie sweetheart and I already have a lot of her hair pieces, jewelry and clothing. Every time Hyper Japan comes round I always look forward to seeing what new pieces she has and have already been eyeing up some pieces online prior to the event. Her statement bows have been on my want list for a good long while, but when she released the holographic range I knew now was the time to invest. Of course being obsessed with chokers I couldn’t leave the matching choker behind! they’re a match made in holographic kawaii heaven and I’m incredibly happy with my purchases! The quality as always is above and beyond, and they really finish off each outfit I’ve worn them with. (see Brighton pride blog entry for my first look with the bow)
the bow costs £18 and the choker costs £16.


Roxie Sweetheart 

Another purchase from Hyper Japan was this adorable Cinnamon roll note book. I am obsessed with note books (what girl isn’t right?) there’s something about writing lists in perfectly cute note books that makes me feel really pleased with myself and feel really accomplished even if it’s just a shopping list. The official Sanrio and artbox collab was absolutely perfect they had so many adorable things to pick from, but nothing seemed more perfect than this note book. The front cover is slightly embossed with the little cinnamon roll scenes, and it feels really luxurious under your fingers. On the inside the pages have lots of lines and little kawaii pictures, perfect for writing all your secrets down into. This note book cost £5 from Artbox.



another Cinnamon roll item from Artbox at Hyper Japan. This wasn’t a purchase I made, but a purchase my partner bought for me. I was having cuddles with this cutie around the shop but decided not to get it, but as a surprise my partner grabbed him for me. He is the softest plush I own and is the perfect squish for cuddling. I adore his little blush cheeks, I think it adds an extra Kawaii essence to this already adorable plush. I’m so glad that I have him to cuddle, he’s perfect if you feel sad and need some cheering up! If you want to grab one check the Artbox link above. I believe that Cinnamon roll cost £30.

An item not from Hyper Japan is this wonderful sports bra. I had several other sports bras that I’d bought from places like sports direct, I’d never really thought about the quality of them, but would get irritated at the fit on them.
I needed some new work out tops, so I headed into HnM to have a browse, whilst I was browsing I came across this white sports bra. It has “take time” written on it, which I thought was a really cute sentiment, it wasn’t until I started feeling the bra itself that I decided it had to be mine. This sports bra is like a the comfiest cuddle your boobs have ever had. The fabric is so soft when i got it home I put it on and refused to take it off. The HnM gods have blessed our boobs ladies! and what’s better still is that at the gym it still feels wonderful! the straps are really comfortable and adjustable so you can get them into place, your boobs are being cuddled by what feels like angel wings, soft but not suffocating, breathable yet in tact. I would highly recommend heading to your local HnM and looking at their sports wear section, I threw away most of my other sports bras and will be buying a couple more from HnM. I do not remember the exact cost of my sports bra but I believe it cost £16.



Browsing Asda last month in the home section I came across this super cute CareBears mug, I love that it’s vintage carebears and true to the 80’s. the picture all the way round is really gorgeous and is true to original carebears through and through. This has become my favourite cup to have my mint tea in, it’s the perfect thickness around the outside where you place your mouth, and it feels so smooth and lovely. Best of all this mug cost Just £3 from Asda.



Lastly for my July favourites; I just had to have this gorgeous kitsch wipe proof tablecloth, It’s going to be perfect when I host my cake picnics or tea parties. I love the beautiful desserts that are pictured, I can’t wait to show my own cakes off on it! I also bought the matching glass chopping board too, they’re both a match made in heaven and were a complete bargain too! Both were from Asda home section. The tablecloth cost £6 only and the glass board cost £4, be sure to grab yours soon before they sell out!




That’s all for my July favourites, I hope that you liked it all! let me know below if you go out and grab any of these bits, and let me know your favourites for July too. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates you can do that by filling in your email at the side! <3





Brighton Pride is one of the biggest events in Brighton. Every summer when pride comes around the whole city wakes up and joins together to have one of the biggest celebratory Pride parties in the uk.

*fun fact* Brighton is the unofficial Gay Captial of the UK.


(drag queen Fuchsia Von Steel walking in Brighton Pride parade.)

Brighton Pride means different things to different people, but for me it’s the acknowledgement that love is love, regardless of whom you are. It’s a chance for people who have struggled with their identities and sexuality to be surrounded by like minded people and for everyone to come together and celebrate all the hardships that they’ve had to over come in society and just know that we are all accepted.

whether you’re gay, straight, queer, bi, pansexual, transgender or anyone in between acceptance of everyone is something that is worth fighting for and it’s wonderful to live in a country where this is so readily accepted.


This is the second time I have attended Brighton Pride despite having lived in Brighton for nearly 6 years. Previous years I had found the over whelming crowds of people and hustle and bustle in the streets to be too overwhelming, but as I live fairly central I have the wonderful reassurance of being able to pop home to the comforts of my own home and have some restpite if needed. That in mind this year was the first year I was able to watch Brighton parade, something that had been on my Brighton bucket list for awhile, every year I had always had the intention to watch it, but as the crowds start drawing in the over all fear of people being all around me and needing to escape would become too overwhelming. This year I started the day off leaving about 11.30am to go and meet up with some of my friends, we watched the parade quite near to Preston Park which is where the main Pride event partakes. I was so excited to be watching my first parade and it definitely didn’t disappoint, the atmosphere felt incredibly warming, everyone so over joyed and big smiles were all around, everyone in the crowd and in the parade alike were dressed up, rainbow flags were hung everywhere, cheesy music playing and lots and lots of dancing and singing. It felt so wonderful to see how everyone expressed themselves, and seeing people of all ages together in unity.


(I love this photo it perfectly sums up the beautiful atmostphere)



Of course there’s a lot more to pride than just the parade, in fact there are so many things to do at pride that it’s hard to know what to choose to do. I was doing pride on a budget this year and managed to spend only about £10, which included my fries for dinner. Pride on a budget is a lot easier than you could imagine, Of course the parade is free to watch and it’s even free to march too if you’re happy with walking the journey. So whether you want to be an active participant or watch and show love and support from the sidelines, it’s an absolute must! we didn’t really have a set plan of what we wanted to do but there’s so many things to do and see that all you need to do is walk around and see what is on. The whole city becomes alive and so you’re never far from anything interesting.


After the parade we headed back to my house to re-coup our thoughts and then headed out for a late lunch, I was with a group of friends that had never tried a Grubbs burger, so we headed there and then sat down in the sunshine and ate.


(bow is from Roxie Sweetheart, top is from HnM, skirt and sunglasses are from ebay, and faux fur shrug is from Heresy clothing dangling star clip 6%dokidoki, sanrio cinnamon roll socks sanrioXartbox collab, little twin star platforms YRU.)


After eating we went for a wonder around, we found a drum and bass street party that someone had set up from the outside of their house. There were loads of people raving in the streets and people Mc-ing on microphones to the drum and bass DJ, no judgement by anyone just sheer joy, laughing and dancing.


We then headed to the caroline of Brunswick for A bitter sour drag show. I’ve been to a fair few of these events and they never fail to have me creasing up with laughter. Bitter sour is presented by two wonderful drag queens Cherry Fakewell and Count addiction who are sisters like no other; they’re the darkest and tackiest dragtastic duo you’ve ever seen, Cherry fakewell excels in adding slutty yet surprisingly sweet elements to cosplay drag whilst Count addiction is full on dark, dirty and grungey in his theatrical drag.


This Brighton pride marked the 1 year anniversary of bitter sour and they pulled out an extraordinary show! they presented the past, present and future of their sister hood. Show casing incredible drag queens and kings with huge diversity such as Fuchsia Von Steel, Rob from finance, Roxie Cleopatra and loads more. Each of the acts had something really unique about them whether it was their incredible humor, dirty sass, or brilliant mockery towards the media on LGBTQ rights. So if you’re heading to Brighton Pride next year make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible show! you can also catch their shows quarterly through the year so keep your eyes peeled.

(above Fuchsia Von Steel performing at bitter sour)

So as Pride was coming to the end I found myself reflecting back on the day, over all I love pride and what it stands for, I love that I could be with my wonderful friends and all around us there was love everywhere- whether is was between friends sharing cuddles and laughs or between lovers holding hands and kissing, there is no doubt that pride is a time to get together and celebrate our diversities, but it also dawned on me that there are a couple of things that I wish I could change. Every pride the City becomes a huge waste tip as people become more and more drunk they abandon ship and start leaving rubbish every where, smashed bottles and broken glass cover the streets (I even had glass go into my foot this year) Sirens are always close by with police cars racing around and ambulances not far behind them. I know lots of people who do not enjoy pride because it’s become an excuse for people to drink during the day and end up in fights or binge drink and end up in hospital. Is this really what pride is now? an excuse just to have one big expensive party? I was able to do pride on a budget, but when you start looking into the main pride events it can become very commercial and can be very expensive.

Pride is what you make it. Don’t forget the core to what makes pride, don’t forget what the generations before us have had to endure for us to be here celebrating now, don’t forget about the less liberal Countries in the world where it’s not so easily as accepted, drink responsibly but party hard and most of all be considerate to your surroundings and especially to each other!




Hyper Japan Summer 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! This is my first blog post and I’m incredibly excited to start sharing my adventures with you.
And what a place to start. This past weekend I attended a wonderful event called Hyper Japan. For those of you who do not know, Hyper Japan is a Japanese culture event that is hosted twice a year. It brings a taste of Japan to London and shares the latest in food, gaming, fashion, Cosplay, music and more! There’s loads to do for all ages and each person will have a unique experience and will be able to take away something different.


I love Hyper Japan, I’ve been attending on and off for the past four years, and I’ve even had a stall there with my boutique, Plastic and Bows. There’s a certain vibe to the event that makes it different from others I’ve been to; Everyone is really friendly, it’s really well organised and there’s so much to see and do that I never feel bored. My favourite part about Hyper Japan has to be the live stage and, of course, the shopping which is perfect for picking up something unique and discovering new brands!

This year I went for the full day on Saturday with my partner Ali. We wanted to focus mainly on the live acts and performers as there were so many that we wanted to see. I really love The Tobacco Docks as a venue for live performers; you go into a room and it’s just like going to watch a gig with one of your favourite bands. It’s really dark in there with black-out curtains so that you can see the stage really well and you don’t have interference from outside lighting. I think It works really well. In previous years they’ve held Hyper Japan in Kensington Olympia and the O2; for me, these venue’s didn’t work as well for live performers due to the open space.

So who did we see? We started off the day seeing Moso Calibration, they’re a super cute J-pop girl group, they have super cute videos and a unique style! They were a really fun way to start the day, they had loads of energy on stage and were Kawaii with a rock chic edge! You can check out their YouTube here: Moso Callibration



After Moso Calibration we had some time to kill so we decided to start looking round the stalls and went to see some of our friends. As much as I love the Tobacco Docks as a venue for the live performers, if any of you haven’t been there before, it’s one of the most confusing venues to work your way around! I’ve been a couple of times and each time I’ve successfully managed to get lost, whilst missing out tons of stalls and then discovering them much later on with not much time to go round. The place is completely maze like, but I feel like next time I might be able to get my bearings (third time lucky maybe?). That aside we did manage to find Roxie Sweetheart, Artbox, Tofu Cute and the Dreamy Bows stalls that were close by. All these stalls are super Kawaii and absolutely dreamy to look at and some of my favourite stalls at Hyper Japan! I may have even treated myself to one or two things from Artbox and Roxie Sweetheart!


(caught in the act shopping- so many pretty things, I couldn’t choose)


(Ali being a kawaii alien at the art box stall, Ali is wearing a Cyberdog playsuit and Eyes cropped tee, with cyberdog alien gloves and Demonia Stacks. The ears are by Plastic and Bows, )


(I’m wearing my sailor moon dress that I purchased from Dreamy bows last summer at hyper Japan, My sanrio YRU cut out shoes, falling star clip from 6%DokiDoki (you can now purchase 6% from Dreamy bows!) choker and hair clips from Roxie Sweetheart.)



Ali and I continued to wander round and we went to play in the gaming room, we played a new game coming out called Pokemon Tekken. I’ve recently kindled a huge love for Pokemon after playing Pokemon Go a lot last summer. I know..I know I’m so far behind on the gaming front, I loved the cartoon as a child but hadn’t ever had a console to play the games on before, and Pokemon go was my first chance to have a go at playing anything Pokemon and I loved it! I’m a huge lover of Tekken too and when I saw a game combining the two I was really excited to try! My over-all impression? I was really unimpressed with some characters due to their speed but once I selected a faster playing character I quite enjoyed the game. I wouldn’t say it was my favourite fighting game but I did really enjoy how colourful it was and if I was able to play it again in the future I’d definitely give it another go to fully get to grips with how to play and all the secret moves, which i think would add a lot more enjoyment to the game playing element.





Later on we caught the end of the Decora transformation that Dreamy Bows set up with Kurebayashii, who is a Super Kawaii Decora girl from Japan. Decora is a harajuku street style featuring bright colours and tons of hair and body accessories. They transformed a model they had into a Super Kawaii Decora girl, using lots of stickers and bright make up, and adorable Decora clothing and accessories. Kurebayashii did a collaboration with Dreamy Bows; the range was absolutely adorable! but i forgot to pick up any of the items up! doh! 🙁


(above the end of the Dreamy bows fashion show)


After this Dreamy Bows presented a fashion show, they showcased lots of different Japanese street styles such as Fairy Kei, Larme Kei, Lolita, Decora and Ganguro. Everyone looked absolutely amazing and I loved seeing how unique everyone’s looks came together. Kurebayashiii also gave a live performance, singing music from her band as well as the theme tune for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid which is one of my favourite animes! I was so excited when she sang this especially looking as adorbale as she did in all her Decora. Such a wonderful and kawaii surprise <3


After lunch time the second section commenced. Ali and I started the afternoon off with an incredible Dj, dance and visual projection act called Kaien. I think these were one of my favourite acts of the day! Kaien uses EDM (electronic dance music) along with live dancers and a projection screen, which they use to project holograms. The collaboration of all three made for an amazing experience! The dancers used Japanese features to dance with such as fans, nunchucks, and geisha silk robes and the overall effect was simply stunning!


(Above is Reol performing)

As the day went on we went and watched the amazing Reol. I’ve recently only discovered Reol, but They are incredibly popular and famous in Japan. As a huge J-pop group this was their first debut in the UK, and they certainly did not let us down! The room was packed out and they gave an incredible live performance. Reol had so much energy and even though she was dancing she continued to sing live perfectly, whilst they had amazing visuals from videos they have released. Over all an incredible performance.


(official Sanrio Merch collab with Artbox)

During the course of the day we also went and explored the food stalls, but due to having so many allergies I normally take my own food, So I home prepped some sushi of my own, but Ali ate some delicious looking Aubergine “chips”. We also, much later in the day, found all the other stalls that we had been missing. Like I mentioned above, the venue takes some getting used to and it’s really easy to get lost. It was really wonderful to see so many new sellers there this year. I picked up tons of business cards and I’m sure I will buying lots of beautiful things from them and will do reviews on them when I have them! so keep your eyes peeled!


(above is a new stall i discovered called Cry Baby, they’re not currently online, but keep your eyes peeled, her stuff was stunning)

One thing that we were disappointed with; we really wanted to go and do the virtual reality death note experience, however the tickets to it went really quickly, and due to the venue being so confusing we didn’t find it until half way through the second half of the event, and by this time…you’ve guessed it, it had completely all been booked up! so we didn’t get to do this, and this was one of the things top on our list! that being said, we had a really wonderful day all round! and we met so many wonderful people.


I highly recommend Hyper Japan as an event! Lots of people get really dressed up and showcase their Cosplays or general Japanese street styles. Even if dressing up isn’t for you, it’s a great event to go and wander round with tons to do and see!
So until next time, I hope you’ve enjoyed my taste of Hyper Japan. <3

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