Brighton Pride is one of the biggest events in Brighton. Every summer when pride comes around the whole city wakes up and joins together to have one of the biggest celebratory Pride parties in the uk.

*fun fact* Brighton is the unofficial Gay Captial of the UK.


(drag queen Fuchsia Von Steel walking in Brighton Pride parade.)

Brighton Pride means different things to different people, but for me it’s the acknowledgement that love is love, regardless of whom you are. It’s a chance for people who have struggled with their identities and sexuality to be surrounded by like minded people and for everyone to come together and celebrate all the hardships that they’ve had to over come in society and just know that we are all accepted.

whether you’re gay, straight, queer, bi, pansexual, transgender or anyone in between acceptance of everyone is something that is worth fighting for and it’s wonderful to live in a country where this is so readily accepted.


This is the second time I have attended Brighton Pride despite having lived in Brighton for nearly 6 years. Previous years I had found the over whelming crowds of people and hustle and bustle in the streets to be too overwhelming, but as I live fairly central I have the wonderful reassurance of being able to pop home to the comforts of my own home and have some restpite if needed. That in mind this year was the first year I was able to watch Brighton parade, something that had been on my Brighton bucket list for awhile, every year I had always had the intention to watch it, but as the crowds start drawing in the over all fear of people being all around me and needing to escape would become too overwhelming. This year I started the day off leaving about 11.30am to go and meet up with some of my friends, we watched the parade quite near to Preston Park which is where the main Pride event partakes. I was so excited to be watching my first parade and it definitely didn’t disappoint, the atmosphere felt incredibly warming, everyone so over joyed and big smiles were all around, everyone in the crowd and in the parade alike were dressed up, rainbow flags were hung everywhere, cheesy music playing and lots and lots of dancing and singing. It felt so wonderful to see how everyone expressed themselves, and seeing people of all ages together in unity.


(I love this photo it perfectly sums up the beautiful atmostphere)



Of course there’s a lot more to pride than just the parade, in fact there are so many things to do at pride that it’s hard to know what to choose to do. I was doing pride on a budget this year and managed to spend only about £10, which included my fries for dinner. Pride on a budget is a lot easier than you could imagine, Of course the parade is free to watch and it’s even free to march too if you’re happy with walking the journey. So whether you want to be an active participant or watch and show love and support from the sidelines, it’s an absolute must! we didn’t really have a set plan of what we wanted to do but there’s so many things to do and see that all you need to do is walk around and see what is on. The whole city becomes alive and so you’re never far from anything interesting.


After the parade we headed back to my house to re-coup our thoughts and then headed out for a late lunch, I was with a group of friends that had never tried a Grubbs burger, so we headed there and then sat down in the sunshine and ate.


(bow is from Roxie Sweetheart, top is from HnM, skirt and sunglasses are from ebay, and faux fur shrug is from Heresy clothing dangling star clip 6%dokidoki, sanrio cinnamon roll socks sanrioXartbox collab, little twin star platforms YRU.)


After eating we went for a wonder around, we found a drum and bass street party that someone had set up from the outside of their house. There were loads of people raving in the streets and people Mc-ing on microphones to the drum and bass DJ, no judgement by anyone just sheer joy, laughing and dancing.


We then headed to the caroline of Brunswick for A bitter sour drag show. I’ve been to a fair few of these events and they never fail to have me creasing up with laughter. Bitter sour is presented by two wonderful drag queens Cherry Fakewell and Count addiction who are sisters like no other; they’re the darkest and tackiest dragtastic duo you’ve ever seen, Cherry fakewell excels in adding slutty yet surprisingly sweet elements to cosplay drag whilst Count addiction is full on dark, dirty and grungey in his theatrical drag.


This Brighton pride marked the 1 year anniversary of bitter sour and they pulled out an extraordinary show! they presented the past, present and future of their sister hood. Show casing incredible drag queens and kings with huge diversity such as Fuchsia Von Steel, Rob from finance, Roxie Cleopatra and loads more. Each of the acts had something really unique about them whether it was their incredible humor, dirty sass, or brilliant mockery towards the media on LGBTQ rights. So if you’re heading to Brighton Pride next year make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible show! you can also catch their shows quarterly through the year so keep your eyes peeled.

(above Fuchsia Von Steel performing at bitter sour)

So as Pride was coming to the end I found myself reflecting back on the day, over all I love pride and what it stands for, I love that I could be with my wonderful friends and all around us there was love everywhere- whether is was between friends sharing cuddles and laughs or between lovers holding hands and kissing, there is no doubt that pride is a time to get together and celebrate our diversities, but it also dawned on me that there are a couple of things that I wish I could change. Every pride the City becomes a huge waste tip as people become more and more drunk they abandon ship and start leaving rubbish every where, smashed bottles and broken glass cover the streets (I even had glass go into my foot this year) Sirens are always close by with police cars racing around and ambulances not far behind them. I know lots of people who do not enjoy pride because it’s become an excuse for people to drink during the day and end up in fights or binge drink and end up in hospital. Is this really what pride is now? an excuse just to have one big expensive party? I was able to do pride on a budget, but when you start looking into the main pride events it can become very commercial and can be very expensive.

Pride is what you make it. Don’t forget the core to what makes pride, don’t forget what the generations before us have had to endure for us to be here celebrating now, don’t forget about the less liberal Countries in the world where it’s not so easily as accepted, drink responsibly but party hard and most of all be considerate to your surroundings and especially to each other!