meatless “meaty” Burgers

I love a good BBQ in the summer, whether it’s in the garden or going and sitting on the beach with a group of friends nothing makes me happier than eating a burger that’s been on a BBQ. The problem I come across is that every packaged burger has at least one ingredient in it that is likely to cause me a lot of pain, so i wanted to create a recipe so when everyone else is sat chomping on their delicious burgers and sausages I had something that would make them stop and want mine!

Of course you don’t just have to eat these on a BBQ, these are perfect for any day of the week and can be cooked in a frying pan or in the oven for a delicious meal at home (my particular favorite is serving them up with sweet potato chips and a luscious salad.)

These burgers taste “meaty” due to the mushrooms and soy and create a really juicy burger!


This recipe makes 5 burgers.


50 grams of dehydrated soya “mince”, (try to get the flakes or the more ground down version over the chunks)
6 chestnut mushrooms,
3 tablespoons nutritional yeast, (this is different from bakers yeast)
450 ml of stock (I used half a stock cube mixed with water)
1 cup of gram flour,
2 teaspoons of paprika,
1 teaspoon turmeric,
1 teaspoon oregano,
fresh coriander to taste,
salt and pepper to taste,
spray olive oil for cooking.
*I added violife vegan chedder “cheese” to my mix, but this is completely optional.




1) In a jug filled with your stock mixture add your soya mince, then cover and leave to soak.
chop up your mushrooms into very small pieces, (i chopped mine into very small cubes) then pop into a mixing bowl.
using a sieve-drain your soaked soya mince, then pop into the bowl with your mushrooms. Add in your nutritional yeast and mix together.

2) Add in all of your seasoning, including the fresh coriander and mix well. Then very gradually mix in your gram flour. You want your mixture to be sticky but manageable. If you think your mixture is a little too sticky add a bit more in, if you notice it’s getting too dry don’t add the full cup in. 🙂

3) Grab a baking tray and spray a couple of squirts of the spray olive oil onto it, lightly greasing it. Then on a chopping board dust the board with a little more gram flour, cover your hands too. Now with your hand scoop out a bit of mixture and pop it on the board flatten and form it into a burger shape, once you’re happy with it pop it onto the baking tray and continue on with the rest of the mixture.

4) Under the grill slide the baking tray in- the aim here is just to toast both sides, the mixture will still be slightly sticky until you do this, but this firms the outer burger and will start cooking the inside. Make sure to flip the burgers over once the one side has been toasted. This normally takes a few minutes each side 🙂 just keep an eye on them! alternatively you can pop them in the oven! just make sure to flip them half way through!

5) Depending on when you’re planning to eat your burgers and how you want to eat them- there is a couple of things you can do here. If BBQ-ing you can take the burgers out here and they’re all ready to go! if however you want to eat them here and now you can either continue grilling until you’re happy to eat them, (or if you’ve popped them in the oven, just leave them in for about 8-10 minutes on about 160 degrees for fan assisted or 180 for non) or you can take them out from under the grill and pop a little oil in a frying pan and continue to fry them in the frying pan. This will only take a few minutes on both sides to finish them off!