Who else is super excited for Summer this year? it’s not that we’ve had a particularly hard winter, but the need for some warm summer sun, summer dresses and bbqs is much needed!

I love Brighton in the summer! there’s such a happy atmosphere and energy here which really lifts the spirit up! the streets are always so colourful and having the beautiful beach means there’s always loads of excuses to go and sit, paddle your feet in the sea and eat all the delicious food! (not that you really need much of an excuse to do this any time of the year.)

Now my mind is constantly on food- and with the summer season coming up there’s a few things i’m definitely not going to be missing out on! whilst most other people can go and enjoy some delicious sorbet or ice cream from all the wonderful gelato places here, (and believe me we have some of the best!) giving up refined sugars means that I definitely won’t be doing that this year. So of course I need something to quench the desire for ice cream! I want all of the sweetness, but with none of the effects of refined sugar! So where to start? well chocolate is always a favourite of mine! so this to me seems the perfect place to start! <3


We have a bit of a running joke in our house, my partner isn’t as open to all the free from foods as I am- a little picky shall we say? he’s also not afraid to be perfectly honest, so when creating recipes I always run it through him, as I gave him this chocolate ice cream, my heart stopped a few beats as I anxiously waited it to pass the “Ali” testbut low and behold the words “this is actually really nice” came out of his mouth- woohoo! if you knew my partner you’d know that “really nice” is probably the most excited response you’ll get out of him! it’s the equivalent of you or I jumping around with excitement! so now feeling confident that I’d successfully found my formula for chocolate ice cream I handed out more of it to more people and as their responses started coming in it was time to write it down and share the recipe with all of you! so here we go:

This chocolate (n)ice cream is creamy, rich and sweet- not to mention really indulgent!

There are a few different versions you could do of this chocolate (n)ice cream. In my recipe I used raw cacao instead of unsweetened cocoa. This makes the ice cream really rich and indulgent. It also gives you a giant energy boost as raw cacao is full of caffeine, (maybe not so good for the kids though hey?) if you don’t want your children bounding around after dinner or if you’re not so much into dark chocolate, I would recommend supplementing the raw cacao with unsweetened cocoa powder. This is really easy to find. It’s normally in the baking section- but do double check that it is unsweetened, as some will contain sugar and that defeats the whole purpose.

Make this a couple of hours prior to when you want to serve and enjoy it fresh with friends and family. 🙂




What you’ll need:

2 medium-large bananas,
1 can of coconut milk (double check that it contains no sugar/citric acid)
quarter of a cup of raw cacao or cocoa powder.
half a cup agave syrup ,
1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (or if you wish another unsweetened non dairy milk. I also really like rice milk!)
half a teaspoon of cinnamon,

1 wooden spoon,

1 tub for ice cream to go into,

1 blender.


into a blender put all of your ingredients- blend on high until everything is well combined.
pour mixture into a plastic container and pop in the freezer.
every 30 minutes for the next 3 hours (6 times) you need to stir the mixture with a wooden spoon, it doesn’t need to be vigorous, just a few churns. This is going to help make your ice cream creamy. 🙂
leave your mixture over night- or for about 12-13 hours until it’s frozen, then enjoy! 🙂

why not add some sugar free vegan chocolate chips into this? it would accommodate it perfectly! you can enjoy by itself, or why not get creative and pop into a bowl or glass with ground nuts and fruit! yum! (I personally enjoy it with cherries.)